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Fairfax County Courthouse: A Brief History

Fairfax County Historic Sites

FCPA Museum Collections

Interactive Tour of Historic Fairfax County

The Virginia Room Resources
Virginia History Collections of the Fairfax County
Public Library

E-Books about sites in Fairfax County.

The Fairfax County Courthouse
By Ross D. Netherton and Ruby Waldeck

Frying Pan Farm
By Elizabeth Brown Pryor

Green Spring Farm
By Ross and Nan Netherton

Fairfax County, Virginia
The County of Fairfax, Va. Official Site

Fairfax County History Commission

Northern Virginia History Notes

City of Fairfax, Virginia
The City of Fairfax, Va. Official Site

Confederate Veterans Buried in the City of Fairfax Cemetery

Guide to Virginia Historical Resources


Other local Historic Societies:

Historic Fairfax City, Inc.
The City of Fairfax, Va. Historical Society

Historic Vienna, Inc.
The Town of Vienna, Va. Historical Society

Herndon Historical Society
The Town of Herndon, Va. Historical Society

Alexandria Historical Society
The City of Alexandria, Va. Historical Society

Great Falls Historical Society
Great Falls, Va. Historical Society

Arlington Historical Society
Arlington, Va. Historical Society

Burke Historical Society
Burke, Va. Historical Society


Societies Further from Home:

Historical Society of Kent County, MD
Located in Chestertown, Md.


Fairfax Museum & Visitor Center
Located in the City of Fairfax, Va.

Gadsby's Tavern Museum
Located in Alexandria, Va.
Click HERE for Events at the Museum


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