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Historical Society of Fairfax County, Va.

Since 1951, The Historical Society of Fairfax County, Inc. has been publishing biennial journals that focus on the richness of Fairfax County's past.

Well researched yet entertaining, the Yearbooks belong on the bookshelves of genealogists, historians, archaeologists, scholars, students and everyone interested in local history.

Some of our earliest Yearbooks are now out of print but may be viewed at the Fairfax County Public Library's (FCPL) Virginia Room located on the second floor at 10360 North Street, Fairfax, VA 22030-2514
(Telephone: 703-293-6383). Most of the other volumes are available at FCPL's local branch libraries.

Please browse through the titles included in the volumes published to date:

The Current Yearbook:
Volume 32 (2017) ....... $15.00

In Memoriam; The Other Fairfax Family; The 1861 Secession Referendum in Fairfax County, Virginia; The Bog Wallow Ambuscade; The Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942: Roosevelt's "Tree Army."

Front Cover 32 Vol32 Back Cover

Volume 31 (2007-08) ....... $15.00
In Memoriam; Taverns of Northern Virginia; Boiled, Rubbed, Rinsed in a Tub: Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century Laundry Practices; Testimony from the Court House: The Civil War Letters of Z. T. Miller from Fairfax Court House, Virginia, 1862; The 1864 Diary of Ebenezer E. Mason of Woodlawn; The History of Ira Gabrielson's Great Crest in Oakton.

Front Cover 31
Back Cover 31
Volume 31 Index

Volume 30 (2005-06) ....... $15.00
Edith Moore Sprouse: A Curious Woman, 1923-2004; Property of Citizens of Alexandria City and Fairfax County Confiscated by the Federal Government during the Civil War; John Henry Chichester of Mantua; Charge of the Gray Devils; Time Capsules in Fairfax County.

Front Cover 30 Back Cover 30
Volume 30 Index

Volume 29 (2003-04) ....... $15.00
Henry Daingerfield and the Origin of Springfield;
A Civil War Action at Lewinsville, Virginia,
11 September 1861; Quite a Gala Day: Ring Tournaments in Fairfax County; Outrage Near Spring Bank: Slave Resistance in Fairfax County

Front Cover 29
Back Cover 29
Volume 29 Index

Volume 28 (2001-02) ....... $15.00
George Washington: Waterman-Fisherman 1760 - 1799; Colchester 1999; Oak Grove Revisited; Mexican War: The Final Muster Roll of Company L, 1st Virginia Volunteer Infantry; The Bailey Family: From Menagerie to Crossroads; The Home Front: Fairfax County during the Second World War as Reported in the Pages of The Fairfax Herald.

Front Cover 28
Back Cover 28
Volume 28 Index

Volume 27 (1999-2000) ... $15.00
Historical Societies of Fairfax County; The Hidden History of Hidden Pond Park; Keene’s Mill Marked; Commissioners of the Revenue, Fairfax County, VA; Lebanon Plantation: The Past on Pohick Creek; "Old John": In Search of His Story; Ash Grove and the Sherman Family.

Volume 26 (1997-98) Out of Print
Corcoran’s Irish Legion in Fairfax County: 1863 – 1864; Oak Grove The House that John H. Broders Built; Hey Ho! Come to the Fair; The "Willing Workers": A Black Community in Mason Neck; John Summers of Alexandria, VA, and his Descendants.

Volume 25 (1995-96) ....... $10.00
Jones & Melville: Encounter in the Pacific 1843; Griffin Dobson: Servant to a Commodore; Murder at the Mill: My Search for William H. Keene; Richard Ratcliffe: The Man, His Courthouse, His Town; Lost Tanyards: Rediscovered in Fairfax County.


Volume 24 (1993-94) ....... $10.00
The Shot Heard Round the World; Mount Erin; Where Did the Hero’s Body Lie?; A Game of Cards at Hunter’s Mill; The Good Old Days.

Volume 23 (1991-92) Out of Print
The Fairfax Camp; German POW’s; We’re Still Here: Pamunkeys of Fairfax County; The Daniel French Families; Fishing the Potomac; Wilmer McLean: the Centreville Years; Notes on the Oliver House; Oh Fairfax: a Civil War Poem.

Volume 22 (1989-90) ........ $5.00
Hybla Valley’s going to Have a Boys’ Band; The Collards of Groveton; Letters of Provost-Marshal Charles Cummings 1862; Sheep in Fairfax County History; "Charming Serenity": Selected papers of Phebe Sweet Haight; Chantilly, VA: Historical Highlights.

Volume 21 (1986-88) Out of Print
The Scotts of Farmington; Jones Point, Haven of History; Fairfax County 9,000 Years Ago; John N. Ballard; Meadowlark Gardens Regional Park.

Volume 20 (1984-85) ........ $5.00
Paleo Indians: The First Virginians of Fairfax County; The Social & Architectural History of "Woodbine"; The Generation Occupation; To Build a Fire; The Gunnell Family of Fairfax County; Fairfax County General Assembly Representatives; Civil War letter of Col. David Thompson.


Volume 19 (1983) ............. $5.00
Notes on Corbett’s Map of "The Seat of War" in Northern Virginia; Centreville Military Railroad; And You Thought You Had Money Problems; The Postal History of Fairfax County During the Civil War; Postmarked Fairfax County 1861 – 1862; A Virginia Artillery Camp at Centerville, VA; The Importance of Being Ardently Committed; The Saga of Shuter’s Hill.

Volume 18 (1982) ............. $5.00
Address of Judge Harry L. Carrico to the Historical Society of Fairfax County, June 19, 1982; Black Settlement in Forestville, Vienna, & Lewinsville; Lee Chapel: A Brief History; This Silent City; Wolf Trap Farm Park: A History of Land Ownership; The Washington, Great Falls, & Dranesville Highway Co Inc.; Letter from John Marr to John S. Pendleton, 1846; A Museum for Fairfax; The Good Ship George Washington; Robert E. Lee in Northern Virginia
1865 – 1870.

Volume 17 (1981) ............. $5.00
Thomas Francis Mason: An Obscure Figure in Alexandria History; An Inquiry into the History of Mills along Difficult Run; The Great Falls Post Office; God & Country – The Reverends Read; Fairfax County Marriages Prior to 1853 (cont.); Citizenship Records of Fairfax County 1785 – 1859; Future of Alexandria.

Volume 16 (1980) ............. $5.00
The Independent Order of Good Templars, Fairfax County; Joseph Leiter: His Road, His House, His History; Combe Cottage, First Girls’ Academy in Fairfax County; Fairfax County Marriages Prior to 1853; Col. John Colville, 18th Century Gentleman; The History of Arnon Chapel in Great Falls; Capt. Burke, Son of Silas; Publications of Fairfax Co.

Volume 15 (1978-79) ........ $5.00
The Capture & Escape of Capt. J. Owens Berry; A History of New Alexandria before the Automobile; Address Delivered by Mrs. Eleanor Lee Templeman
on Lt. William Triplett; St. Timothy’s Chapel; Matildaville: Support Town of the Potowmack Canal; Marriage Bonds 1788, Fairfax; John Turley, Tobacco Inspector; A History of Pleasant Grove & Gunnell’s Chapel; The WPA in Fairfax County; A Poll List for the Election of Burgesses for Fairfax County in 1744.


Volume 14 (1976-77) ........ $5.00
Nicholas Cresswell & Bryan Fairfax: Two Loyalists’ Views of Revolutionary Alexandria; Development of Postal Service in Fairfax County, VA 1750 – 1890; Fairfax County Post Offices & Postmasters 1774 – 1890; A Preliminary Investigation of Milling ...; Poor Relief in Truro Parish 1732 – 1785.

Volume 13 (1973-75) ........ $5.00
A History of Public Education in Fairfax County; Some Observations on Indians in Fairfax County on the Eve of European Colonization; The Brent Family of Colonial Virginia; Pohick Close; George Hunter Terrett; Spring Bank; Minutes of the Meetings of the Fairfax Historical Society 1910 – 1917; Ferries & their Keepers in Old Fairfax County; Muster Role of Captain Edward B. Powell Company, 2nd Regiment Cavalry, 6th Brigade, 2nd Division, Virginia Militia, August 31st, 1861.

Volume 12 (1971-73) ........ $5.00
Court Minutes 1771.

Volume 11 (1970-71) ........ $5.00
George Turberville’s Grant of the Potomac; Fairfax County Resolutions; The American Revolution & Northern Virginia; A Genealogy of the Turberville Family; Windy Hill Farm; Official Records of the Colonial Period in Fairfax County; Fairfax County
in 1887 – 1888; Truro Rectory; Richard Bland Lee
of Sully; Yankee Farmers in Northern Virginia
1840 – 1860.

Volume 10 (1969) ............. $5.00
Mount Vernon’s "Architect"; The Gap Line; Tobacco, Tobacco Hogsheads, & Rolling Roads in Northern Virginia; James Halley, Sergeant, 1st Virginia Regiment; The Fairfax County Committee of Safety; The Engagement at Blackburn’s Ford; Fairfax County as Portrayed by the Virginia Business Directory & Gazetteer 1906; Constitution & By-Laws of the Fairfax County Medical Society 1884.


Volume 9 (1964-65) Out of Print
Out of Wilderness and Marshes Mount Vernon Evolved; Belvoir Manor; Lebanon; George Mason of Gunston Hall; Fairfax Arms and Colchester; Rippon Lodge; Bel Air; Rockledge; Retirement; Hollin Hall; Cleesh; Mount Eagle; Mount Erin; Mount Comfort; Pohick Church; Hayfield; Woodlawn; Fort Hunt; The Quakers Come to Woodlawn; Union Farm; The Gibbs’ Home Place; Sherwood Farm & Surrounding Area; Along the River Front – Wellington, Arcturus, Andalusia, Herbert Springs & Collingwood; Wellington Villa & Vicinity; The Passing of a Landmark.

Volume 8 (1962-63) Out of Print
Then We Came to California: A Biography of Sarah Summers Clarke.

Volume 7 (1960-61) Out of Print
Thomas Lee at the Falls; Fairfax County Chapter, American National Red Cross Honors Heroine of the Second Battle of Manassas; Towlston Road; Sidelight of History; A History of the Oakton School; Cornwell Farm; Oak Hill; Ossian Hall; Ravensworth; Maplewood; The Story of Matildaville.

Volume 6 (1958-59) Out of Print
The Last Will & Testament of George Mason; Sully Notes; Old Mills in the Centreville Area; Drover’s Rest; Recollections of Rose Hill; A History of Sunset Hills Farm; Leeton.

Volume 5 (1956-57) Out of Print
History of Fairfax County; An Act Creating Fairfax County; Uncle Tom Bushrod; Ratdenlinden, A Poem by Col. B. H. Jones from a Yankee Prison; The Early Courts; St. John’s Episcopal Church, Langley Parish; Minutes of Early Vestry Meetings at St. John’s; Stonewall Jackson’s Way, A Poem found on a Dead Soldier of the Old Stonewall Brigade.


Volume 4 (1955) Out of Print
McLean, Fairfax County, VA; A Day at Woodlawn with the Lewises; The Centreville Community
1720 – 1860; History of the Dividing Line Between Fairfax & Loudoun Counties; The Secession Election in Fairfax County May 23, 1861; General Stoughton’s Capture; A History of Clifton; Picture Postcard Industry; Stuart’s Burke Station Raid Dec. 26 – 31, 1862; An Account of Mosby’s Raid by One of Stoughton’s Men; The Barons of Cameron & Fairfax.

Volume 3 (1954) Out of Print
Action along the Union Outposts in Fairfax; Longstreet at Blackburn’s Ford, July 18, 1861; Ravensworth; History of Railroads in Fairfax County; A Buried Treasure; The Great Falls of the Potomac; Archives of Burgundy.

Volume 2 (1952-53) Out of Print
Manuscripts Acquired; History of Fairfax County Before the Revolution; Colonial Churches in Fairfax County; Skirmishes Near Bailey’s Cross Roads; Fox Hunting in Fairfax County; A Chronological Outline of the Life of George Mason; Martha Washington’s Will and the Story of its Loss & Recovery.

Volume 1 (1951) Out of Print
Manuscripts Acquired; Activities of the Historical Society; Selected Bibliography on Fairfax County, VA; Historical Sketches by Capt. S. Roszel Donohoe; John S. Mosby; Antonia Ford; Historical Potomac Canals; Battle of Fairfax Courthouse; Account of the Death of Captain Marr; Letter Concerning Battle of Fairfax by Mrs. Robert E. Lee; Dumfries.


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